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2023 Pintoo Advent Calendar Puzzle 

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1200 PCS

Dominic Davison - Sea House



1200 PCS

Image World



500 PCS

Jacek Yerka - Bibliodame

You'll Always Get There.

PieceRelax, where self-care and relaxation take center stage.
Take a "Piece of Relaxation" for yourself, breathe deeply, and get ready for a moment of discovery.

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Our Story

For those who want to break free from their everyday routines and discover a sense of inner peace, relaxation and healing.

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Even if life gets a little messy, your puzzle won't... 

Glue-Free Design
Stress-Free Assembly

Skip the panic of messy gluing! Our design ensures a soothing assembly process, making your puzzling experience truly calming.

Water Resistant Material

Savor your favorite drinks alongside your puzzle session. Relax, any mishaps won't disrupt your serene moments.

Ready to Frame, a Ready-to-Display Piece of Art

Your completed puzzle is a ready-to-display work of art for your space. Bask in the joy of displaying your masterpiece right after completing it.

Unlock Every Satisfying Click

Experience the rhythm of progress with each satisfying click. Let the peaceful melody of assembling soothe your mind.

Snug Interlocking Plastic Pieces

Our puzzle pieces interlock seamlessly. Move around freely while enjoying the satisfaction of a puzzle that stays perfectly intact.

Missing Piece?

No worries, We provide free missing piece replacement service, Click to follow more

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