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Welcome to embark on the PieceRelax journey

From the moment you open the puzzle packaging, you will then  transform into adventurers, embarking on a journey of self-reflection and soul-healing. The assigned mission and goal is to explore and engage in a self-talk with yourself. Each artwork represents the utopia they strive to reach. Through the hands-on process of assembling each puzzle piece, they experience the sensation of living in the present moment, detaching from external distractions. The most significant aspect is the discovery of yourself throughout this journey. Looking back, you ultimately find your own utopia - You’ll Always Get There.

PieceRelax was born from . . .

Our entrepreneur's passion for puzzles and the fundamental belief that investing in self-care is vital for living a fulfilling and balanced life. By reinventing jigsaw puzzles using plastic materials to enhance relaxation, each meticulously created piece in PieceRelax’s collection is designed to bring tranquility and satisfaction. Join PieceRelax on a transformative journey of exploration and discovery, where the puzzles become pathways to relaxation and endless possibilities, while nurturing your well-being and empowering you to thrive.

We believe . . .

For those who want to escape from their everyday routines and discover a sense of inner peace, relaxation and healing. Pintoo produces therapeutic puzzle experiences with a variety of tactile and diverse plastic puzzles. It not only satisfies your visual, tactile, and auditory sense but also sparks your exploratory spirit. 

Every joiner can immerse themselves in the present moment and concentrate on their own experience and feelings while assembling our puzzles. 

Assembling puzzles is a journey of self-love, self-reflect, self-relaxation and exploration. The unique tactile experience and the process of assembling provide a way to unwind and relax. We offer the most diverse range of puzzles for everyday life.

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