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300 PCS/ 500 PCS/ 600 PCS/ 800 PCS/ 1000 PCS/ 1200 PCS/ 1600 PCS/ 1800 PCS/ 2000 PCS/ 4000 PCS/ 4800 PCS 

Showpiece represents the snug-interlock, high-quality, vibrant color and hard plastic jigsaw loved by the puzzlers. The finished puzzle is seamlessly beautiful and is worthy of display.

Showpiece Panorama

600 PCS/ 1000 PCS/ 2000 PCS/ 3000 PCS/ 4000 PCS

​The beauty and awe of panoramic landscapes, showcasing the breathtaking scenes captured in the puzzles.

showpiece panorama_edited.jpg
Group 202.png

Snug Interlock

Our puzzle piece interlocks to each other tightly. Assembled pieces do not fall apart when picked up and moved around. 
Group 206 (2).png

Ready to Frame

Pintoo offers a variety of compact and easy to assemble frames for each Showpiece.
Vector (1).png

Sturdy Hard Pieces

Showpiece is made of sturdy hard plastic puzzles, you don't have to worry about tearing or peeling off the printed layer. 
Group 205 (2).png

Water Resistant

We produce plastic-made puzzles which come with water-proof quality.
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